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This stream, can be used in various apps or web radio at home: https://radio.danmarkvaagner.dk:8000/radio.mp3
All live programmes are recorded, they can be downloaded here: https://radio.danmarkvaagner.dk/public/radio/podcasts


Why 432hz, well the normal standard is A440 (also known as Stuttgart Pitch) which is the pitch corresponding to a pitch frequency of 440 Hz and serves as the tuning standard for the note A above middle C or A4 in scientific pitch notation. It is standardized by the International Organization for Standardization as ISO 16. Unfortunately, it is now so that all radio stations logically broadcast the music so, but the problem is that 440hz is not harmonic, many production companies make even in 432hz produced music to 440hz whereby the harmonic is no longer optimal. If you now tune the A to 432hz you have an optimal harmonic which affects all sounds when you produce a song, it is also possible to tune a finished song that is produced in 440hz to 432. All the songs we broadcast are converted to 432hz before, if you are very sensitive to harmonics you can feel the difference. It has been proven 1000 times that 432hz is the optimal frequency that is harmonically optimal. Unfortunately, the copyright of licensed songs prohibits us from modifying the songs, but since we use unlicensed, Royalty Free Music with (CC BY 3.0) or (CC BY-NC 3.0) songs, it is possible.

Webcast,Livestreams,Livemetings,Interviews and more in Danish, English or German.
The radio is online from 8-23 just like the website, until the so called governments stop manipulating the electricity price!!!





Danmark Vågner Radio is a team of individuals focused on expanding the consciousness of humanity by bringing light into the darkness. We are here to promote love, unity and respect for every human being while fighting and exposing the elements that systematically divide and enslave humanity. Although our opinions may sometimes be contrary, the foundation and goals on which we stand are always focused on creating a better world for the next generation. Danmark Vågner Radio has been online since December 2022 and has been operating on a 100% listener supported basis with continuous growth and development ever since.  Unlike most radio stations, we do not contractually obligate our team to dilute their message with paid advertisements, nor do we require them to disguise advertising as news. We do not censor, regulate or control content on our airwaves, so the views and opinions expressed on DVR are those of those who make them. However, we ask our team to keep foul language to a minimum so that our station is classy and safe enough to listen to in the workplace or at school. All opinions and topics are welcome on DVR, except for hate based on race. We promise you can always trust what you hear on our station.
We are Danmark Vågner Radio.
Your protection against deception.

I AM a Musician

I am a musician since 1999 and started to play instruments, mainly electronic instruments. I have also composed my own songs with the possibilities I had at that time. It was the era of electronic music, electropop etc. Now i started to remaster my old compositions and will release them soon. I am also in the process of releasing my own album - Solfeggio Frequencies, but it will take a few more weeks. These songs will also play here on the radio and yes of course all tuned to 432Hz.


You can contact us on email: radio@432hz.dk
This is not a commercial radio, it is part of the Denmark Vågner initiative. Webcast,Livestreams,Livemetings,Interviews and more. Danmark Vågner Radio is playing only Royalty Free Music with (CC BY 3.0) or (CC BY-NC 3.0) licens. All music is 432hz.dk
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